The Highest Spiritual Teachings in the Light of Truth.

"I want to herald a Dev- Dharma on this earth which will be destructive of all sins and evils and which will produce men of trust and character through whom human relations will be in all respects sweet and blessed. I want to establish a Dharma which gives true moksha to human souls and fashions high character in them that they prove a complete blessing for all living beings."
— Devatma



Bhagwan Devatma Memorial Foundation is a charitable organization established in the memory of Bhagwan Devatma (1850-1929), the founder of Dev Dharma Mission. The foundation aims to propagate his teachings and contribute humbly towards his goal of bringing higher peace and tranquility among mankind, as well as in man relation to the animal, plant, and inanimate kingdoms in nature. It seeks to further the highest objectives of Bhagwan Devatma, striving to free mankind from false dogmas and beliefs that have been major causes of misery, disharmony, warfare, disaster, and destruction. These issues have led to the annihilation and extinction of 99% of all existences on Earth in the process of evolution. To prevent such consequences, Bhagwan Devatma successfully replaced disharmony with higher harmony in the lives and relations of his disciples exposed to his mission and receptive to his Dev Prabhavas (highest spiritual powers). The foundation endeavors to reach out to as many human beings as possible, enabling them to become acquainted with and benefit from the great evolutionary work of spiritual culture in human souls initiated by Bhagwan Devatma. Published on behalf of the Foundation by:

Shriman Baldev Singh
3154, Sector 21-D,
Chandigarh 160 022

Dr. Vinod Khera
3104, Sector 35-D,
Chandigarh 160 022